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  Due to the continued success of their cooperation, the Law School of the Central University of Finance and Economics, Program on Bilingual and Comparative Legal Education (“CUFE”) and the Vienna University of Business and Economics(“WU) have renewed their cooperation agreement, expanding their Collaborative Law Student Exchange program. Three law students from WU will now visit CUFE each August-December to attend CUFE’s Beijing Autumn Semester in Comparative Business Law. During that semester, the WU students will study alongside CUFE Chinese students, as well as students from other countries. Among this cohort will be three CUFE Chinese students who will visit WU from February-July.

  The “Collaborative Law Student Exchange” program is a wonderful opportunity for Austrian and Chinese students to spend an entire year studying together; half a year in Beijing and half a year in Vienna. A hallmark of this program engages Chinese and non-Chinese students in jointly writing a paper in CUFE-POBACLE’s “Collaborative Research” course. This year’s papers include a study on the “variable interest entity” investment vehicle used for some foreign investments in China; an analysis of the challenges of China’s state-owned enterprises when investing overseas; and a comparison of musical composition copyright law in China and the U.S.