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    发布时间:2016-01-27 10:10:14

    • 个人简历

      2009年10月至 2010年10月,就读于德国汉堡大学法学院,获法经济学硕士学位。

    • 学术成果

       Comparative Analysis of Merger Control Policy – Lessons for China, Intersentia August 2014, ISBN 9781780682457

      出版论文(Book Chapters)
       ‘Market Integration as the Goal of Competition Law: The EU Experience and its Implications for China’, in N. Philipsen, S.E. Weishaar and G. Xu (eds.) Market Integration: The EU Experience and Implications for Regulatory Reform in China, Chapter 2, Heidelberg, Germany: Springer 2015 (forthcoming)
       ‘Cartel Enforcement in China: Monetary or Criminal Sanctions?’ (with Prof. Michael Faure) in N. Philipsen and G. Xu (eds.) The Role of Law and Regulation in Sustaining Financial Markets, Routledge October 2014, pp. 195-221, ISBN 9780415749008
       ‘Enforcing Antitrust Law in China: Is Decentralization Desirable?’ (with Prof. Roger Van den Bergh) in M. Faure and G. Xu (eds.) Economics and Regulation in China, Routledge September 2013, pp. 134-161, ISBN 9780415831840 

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