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  • The Introduction to the Law School of CUFE


    [ Part I ] Introduction

    Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE), as one of China's key universities under the direct leadership of the Ministry of Education, enjoys the patronage of both the central and municipal governments. The status of CUFE as a centre of academic excellence was again recognized with our selection to the all-important "211" national education project. CUFE has developed into a key resource for first-class personnel in all areas of economics and management as well as offering comprehensive education in law, liberal arts and science.

    The law school of CUFE (formerly the Faculty of Law of CUFE) was founded in 1995. Our law education relies on the advantages of disciplines with economics, management. We seek to the combination of management, economics education and law education. We emphasize on training the high-level, complex and practical students who know law and economic, understand management and can use foreign languages fluently.

    In recent years, Our School has formed a sharp financial practice characteristic in developing the complex knowledge structure of undergraduate and Civil and Commercial Law, Economic Law Postgraduate In teaching methods, we pay particular attention to cases-teaching and the "legal clinics" education, and attach great importance to practical legal skills training. We combine theory and practice, education for all-around development and vocational education in order that students can develop their own broad space. They can better serve the country's economic construction and the democratic and law system construction. Based on the continuously groping experience in the past five years, our school started the "" legal Star "talent cultivation innovation project." from March 2007.

    In recent years, our school persist in the "scientific research" purposes, "team-building" as the core, "the Financial law" for the brand, "practice teaching" characteristics, "undergraduate education" as the focus, " high-quality talent suited to the needs of the society "as the goal, and steadily push forward the construction of the Law School and all other work.

    According to approval of the State Scholarship Council, Our school has the right to grant a master's degree in Economic Law, Civil and Commercial Law, International Law and Master of Laws (JM). Under the Economic Law, we open the financial law, tax law, business and corporate law, international economic law and other research fields. Under the Civil and Commercial Law, we open the civil law, commercial law, corporation law, commercial litigation and commercial arbitration and other research fields. Under the International Law, we open international investment law, international trade law, international financial law, the WTO, and other research fields. As to JM, we open corporation law, financial law, international economic law, real estate law, administrative law, procedural law, intellectual property law and other research fields. We also have two tutors, one come from the law school and the other one from society. Our school also has a joint program with Tax School and Finance School which cultivate Tax and Financial Doctor In addition, the law school also has qualification of holding in-service training courses on Economic Law.

    [ PartⅡ ] Major, Discipline and Institutes

    Each year, there are two classes in the undergraduates. The students come from all over the country with an annual intake of about 100. Economic Law, Civil and Commercial Law, International Law, Master of Laws (JM), and other professional graduate master's degree awarded each year were enrolled for the full-time Master of Laws (LL.M) about 50, full-time JM about 80 .and JM in-service enrolled in the postgraduate courses and refresher courses students more than 100 people. Law students from the beginning of 1995, a total of 1090 students enrolled, 370 graduate students, for a total 1460, the existing 759 people in the school. To strengthen their professional awareness and to stimulate the spirit of students and train future-oriented innovative talents, the Law School cooperates with other organizations that have the sense of social responsibility to establish 1 million yuan scholarships.

    In the development of academic disciplines, we emphasize on Civil and Commercial Law and Economic Law as the basis, the private and public financial law as the characteristics, the theoretical law as the support, we put strength to build the Property Rights Law, Securities Law, Banking Law, Insurance Law, the Government Procurement Law, Tax Law, Auction Law, the financial Criminal Law, Law and Economics, and other disciplines into the country's top three which also has an important influence on international subjects.

    Department of Law School: Constitution and Administrative Law Section, Civil and Commercial Law Section, Economic Law Section, International Law Section, Procedure Law Section, Environmental Resources Law Section, Intellectual Property Law Section.

    Institutions of Law School: The Financial and Economic Law Research Center, The International Research Centre of Law and Economic, The Government Procurement and Public Construction Research Center, The Securities Law Research Centre, The Insurance Law Research Center, The Real Estate Law Research Center, The Auction Law Research Center.

    Our law school has the following editorial department: a "textbook series for 21st century financial institutions " the "CUFE Law Library," "Financial Law Review," "Securities Law Review" and "The Insurance Law Review," "Property Rights Law Review," the "CUFE Law Review, " And we also have legal assistance centre (legal clinics), and other agencies.

    [ Part Ⅲ ] Human Resources

    Our law school has strong teaching materials, the existing staff of 51 people, including 11 professors, 22 associate professors and 5 doctoral tutors. The teachers have the following prominent features:

    Younger: most of the teachers under the age of 40, leading members of the team is young and full of vitality; Education Background;The majority of professors, associate professors and lecturers from China's famous universities or returned from overseas .The 74 percent of the full-time teachers has the PH.D.

    International Cooperation: our school has built a strategic cooperative relationship with several famous foreign law school .Every year we sent a group of teachers to the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada and other countries engaged in academic exchange , also, there are a some overseas scholars come to our school and teach.

    Law School teachers were selected over the Ministry of Education, " Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University," or access to a number of provincial and ministerial levels honorary title of the School of Law, the teachers received dozens of achievements in national, provincial and ministerial level and school incentives. To strengthen the practice of teaching, and optimize the structure of faculty, and better use of community resources to assist school running, Law School hires senior legal experts from famous Universities, the Supreme People's Court, Supreme People's Procurator ate, the Ministry of Justice, the China Banking Regulatory Commission, China Securities Regulatory Commission, China OCI , State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the Beijing Municipal Higher People's Court, the Beijing Municipal People's Procurator ate, etc, as adjunct professor; hires legal practice experts from Financial institutions such as China Industrial and Commercial Bank, China Construction Bank, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China CITIC Industrial Bank, etc. as adjunct J.M. instructors.

    [ Part IV ] Training to the Students

    Legal Education of CUFE is focus on developing high-level and compound personnel. In teaching methods, with special emphasis on case teaching and the "legal clinics" education, and attach great importance to practical legal skills training to combine theory and practice, the Education for all-round development and vocational education so that students have broad space to develop themselves, in order to more better serve the country's economic construction and democratic rule of law construction. Practical Teaching of Law School, together with the courts, financial institutions, corporations, law firms, we establish more than 20 professional and social practice bases.

    [ Part V ] Academic influence

    In recent years, Law school has a strong academic atmosphere, outstanding academic achievements; academic reputation is increasingly enhanced. Law School has held "China Financial Legal Forum”, “capital market laws Forum" "insurance laws Forum" ,"China-EU WTO rules on Government Procurement Law Forum" and other large national or international symposium, inquiry into the hot issues on economic law, the Civil and Commercial Law Theory and Practice of the field; edited and published large-scale continuous academic publications ----“Securities Law Review" ,"Financial Law Review" and "China's capital market legal front", have a great impact in the academic and legal departments.

    Over the past five years, faculty undertakes several research projects about 80 topics on the national level as well as the ministerial and provincial level: national level, ministerial and provincial level more than 40 topics, business units’ entrusted topics and school topics about 40; published more than 600 articles on professional journals; published more than 100 materials. With the characteristics and comparative advantages of Financial and economics law, Civil and Commercial Law and Economic Law has advantages in similar disciplines, particularly in the securities law, tax law, financial law, insurance law, the government procurement law, Property law, auction law etc. academic leaders of the Law School has great influence in the relevant research fields.

    A total of more than 20 teachers take charge in China Law Society, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Construction, and all China Lawyers Association as directors, vice president, the Secretary-General, and other position; or as the arbitrator in China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission, the Beijing Municipal Committee of Inquiry and other arbitration bodies. In recent years, a number of teachers participated in the evaluation of Chang Jiang Scholars Program, degree of Doctor and Master, national fine courses, key national issues.

    [ Part VI] Future development

    The next three to five years is the key period for "11th Five-Year Plan" to our country and CUFE; also the key period for law school to achieve a breakthrough with the rational distribution, to create academic brand, to optimize personnel training mechanism, to take internationalization road, to enhance the comprehensive strength and competitiveness of the school. At the same time, to meet the needs of economic globalization and the domestic market economy, democracy and legal system building, Law School determine to firmly grasp the new trend of global change to revitalize the national responsibility, to accelerate education innovations and adopted various effective measures to strengthen the construction of disciplines, to enhance its academic standard and strengthen the quality of academic; enhance the innovative capability, practice ability, and social capabilities of the students, and provide the Intelligence support and education services for the country and the community .